Doseuro: the right dosing choice

Metering pumps


Discover how to "Quickly and Easily" adjust DOSEURO pumps,
thanks to our NEW "RAPIDA" controller!

The latest new DOSEURO product to improve the already well known high performance pumps.
"Quickly and Easily" is the RAPIDA's motto, thanks to display, control board and different functions that allow to immediately adjust the pump setting.

  • Available on any "SR" type pump (FM excluded)
  • Easy UPGRADE on existing and already working pumps!
  • Much more than simply a built-in Inverter!


  • MANUAL: Flow rate adjustment with 4 digit display in a range 10%-100% (6-60Hz) of the pump capacity.
  • ANALOGIC: Flow rate adjustment by incoming signal 4-20mA in a range 10%-100% (6-60Hz) of the pump capacity.
  • BATCH: Pump can be programmable to operate only for a certain period.
  • LEVEL CONTROL SETTING: Predisposed to be connected to a level sensor, to avoid "dry running"
  • DIAPHRAGM RUPTURE DETECTOR: In case of diaphragm fail, pump will stop automatically giving an alarm. (Only on SD pump type).
  • REMOTE ALARM: Relay exit to switch for any alarm

Vector voltage control for variation in frequency to control a 3Ph motor.
Power supply: 1Ph 230V(±10%) – 50/60Hz, for 230V 3Ph motor
Enclosure: IP55

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