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Polymer Preparation PlantSeries H type HA, HB & HE

Polymer Preparation Plant - Series H type HA, HB & HE - HA
Polymer Preparation Plant - Series H type HA, HB & HE - HE

Polymer Preparation Plant

These plants produce from 300 to 5000 lt/h of fully polyelectrolyte solution at constant solution strength from powder /emulsion stock.

Their compact design in Stainless steel AISI 304 or High Density PolyPropylene includes all necessary controls for water make up and polymer feed and incorporates the following equipment and features:

Dissolution, diluition and ageing tanks.
Polymer and water feed rate controls.
All mixers.
Control panel, fitted and fully interwired.
Polyelectrolyte chemical dosing pumps.

The Powder dilution plant is fitted with a stocking hopper and a volumetric endless screw, while the Emulsion dilution plant works thanks to a Plunger metering pump, dosing the Emulsion into a static mixer.

Model Q l/h
From 300
Up to 5000

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